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"The outdoor escape room challenge"

As outdoor enthusiasts, we have always loved the locations hiking and mountaineering takes us. 

From the Peaks of the Lake District to the simply stunning countryside of Castle Combe.

There’s always a chance of getting lost and being underprepared, we give you the skills needed to prevent such an occasion in a fun and exciting new way.

Please note the smallest group size we can run this for is 4 people. 


What is involved / can be achieved?

  • Getting you lost is our first goal!

  • Challenging you to a game of self-discovery

  • Lead you to the development of practical life skills

  • Leaving you with the confidence to explore!

  • Fun, Pure fun...

Get Lost Navigation - Explore Bath

A very special service where we push you to the boundaries from the beginning, from getting you lost and providing clues as to where your next discovery is. 

Easily accessible via free parking at the Bath Park and Ride, you will experience an amazing journey around the local countryside and discover challenges for your group along the way! 

This can also be coupled with lunch at a fantastic country pub to make this a truly brilliant day out. 

Please note the smallest group size we can run this activity for is 4 people. 

Get in touch to arrange a session with us now!

Get Lost Navigation - Explore Bath FAQ

Where do we meet / finish?

Lansdown Park & Ride, Bath

Who is this suitable for? 

As you will be exploring the hillsides around Bath, you should be comfortable walking outdoors for several hours. But there will be lots of breaks inbetween! There is no minimum age (minors must be accompanied) but please be aware it will be a full day outdoors. 

How long will the session last? 

Sessions start at 10AM and we aim to be back at the start by 5PM. There will be a break for lunch inbetween. 

Is there food available?


We usually opt to stop off at one of the great local pubs along the way, if you would rather bring your own food then this is fine as well. 

Are there toilets available? 


There are toilets available at the start and finish points and at points along the way. 

How fit do I need to be to do this?


This is not a race - as long as you're comfortable walking in the countryside then this is the activity for you! It's a full day out but there will be stops along the way. 

Do I need any prior skills?


Nope! Although if you do already have some navigation skills then this is your chance to hone them. 

What happens along the way?

That's a secret! But you should expect to be walking most of the day and be ready for fun mini-challenges along the way. 

What if it rains?

This is a real possibility with the great British weather! Participants should come prepared with the correct clothing. If the weather is exceptionally bad we will be in touch beforehand to discuss options. 

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